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How We Protect Your Business

Whether your business has 1, or 100 computers to protect and monitor, we use the same proven services to keep your data safe, and everything running smoothly. Unlike other Managed Service companies that may use one software tool to try to monitor and protect your system, MindMyPC has a suite of products that are dedicated to one particular task - and we do it well.

What makes MindMyPC's service so special?

You never have to worry about an extra charge when you pick up the phone to call your support team at MindMyPC. Every question, every phone call, every preventative maintenance task, and every proactive intervention is included in your flat-rate fee.

We find that our clients call us more often. And we love that. Why? Because we can uncover issues before they become problems. Better communication equals better IT performance and better business outcomes. Best of all, your team becomes more productive and happier. MindMyPC's Managed Service Protection is one of the secrets to that happiness.